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A simple Unity tool that can be used to render pixel art with pixel perfect precision at any resolution.

PixelArtCamera is also available on the Unity Asset Store for free!

Open Source

This tool is open source.  If you'd like to contribute, you can find it on github.

How it works

This tool works by rendering the game at the target resolution and then upscale it by the biggest possible integer factor.
This way, the pixel art will always remain pixel perfect with no artifacts.

The source code is quite simple and heavily commented, so feel free to dig into it and modify it to suit your needs.

Pixel Perfect Text

This tool requires TextMeshPro in order to achieve crispy pixel perfect text.
In the example scene it is also showed how to set up a TMP font asset.
If you're having troubles with it, try reading some guides about pixel perfect fonts with TMP and keep fiddling with it.


Unity UI is not yet supported, since usually games that requires pixel perfect precision should not need auto-scaling ui systems like the one provided by Unity.

These games should be able to build their own ui with just sprites and text meshes.


All the art assets are from Kenney. Licenses are included for both the font and the tilemap.


PixelPerfectCamera v0.1.zip 181 kB

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